Because, Science!

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

The word is “science”. And it appears to have become fashionable to invoke science as an infallible god-like entity that is not to be questioned simply because it is axiomatically incorrect for someone to question your authority. So you appeal to a higher power because you think you know something about it.

Think about the preceding paragraph and let that lack of thought percolate through your skull full of mush. The logical inconsistency astounds. You are appealing to a higher power to stop debate in an endeavor where questioning is the key component to advancing knowledge. That sounds an awful lot like faith to me.

And while faith and science may co-exist, they are separate spheres of philosophy – one can neither prove nor disprove faith, but one may prove or disprove a scientific theory. Science is a search for truth in the physical world; faith is a search for truth in the metaphysical world. We can, and will, explore that in more detail in future posts.

The purpose of this blog is to critically explore the method of science, and how it is misused to make points in various aspects of life. If the scientific method is applied properly, the end result should be apolitical – a scientific theory does not owe allegiance to any particular political ideology, although throughout history there has been some medal-worthy gymnastics to apply scientific theory to political ideology.

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