Commenting Policy

Comments are welcome, but subject to moderation at my discretion. Spirited debate is the essence of the scientific method, but keep it civil. I am not in the business of running an echo chamber. If you have valid arguments and can make a good, logical case, you may just change my mind.

Comments are your own opinions. My acceptance of any comment does not necessarily mean that I endorse that opinion. For example, you may rave about how good that moon cheese tasted, and I may allow it to post, but do not for one minute expect me to believe the moon is made of cheese. You may however expect a healthy dose of derision and mocking for your opinion.

Things that will get your comment rejected:

  • There is no such thing as “settled science”. Newton’s laws were “settled science” until some hack named Einstein came along. Your comment may be approved, but is open to ridicule.
  • Similarly, there is no place in science for consensus. Until Copernicus, the consensus was that earth was the center of the Universe. Look at how well that ended.
  • Ad hominem attacks are not permitted. You do not have to call someone stupid; they will probably prove it by their statements.
  • Exceptionally foul language – an occasional “damn” or other mild expletive may be okay, but try to keep it clean. A little decorum is all I ask; this is the Internet, after all.
  • No questioning of motives. Conspiracy theories are not valid arguments. Neither are statements of the type “You are just a shill for the oil companies”. Because you are just a shill for your own special interest.
  • Understand that “Shut up!” is not an argument and will not be tolerated. Neither are calling out opinions as “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, or any other type of slur you wish to utter. Repeated use of these will get you banned.

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