Why is a lowly engineer preaching about the misapplication of the scientific principle? What qualifies me to have an opinion on this matter?

Simply, it is because an engineer is an applied scientist. And you cannot apply science unless you understand the process of making science.

I hold BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering and have worked in the field for over 25 years. I am also a licensed Professional Engineer. My MS thesis was in rainfall modelling; my PhD was in 3D Fluid Mechanics modelling. So I know some mathematics. And I know how to formulate a theory. And I also know to apply the scientific method to either confirm or reject that theory. In fact, I sometimes say I wasted 12 years in corporate R&D departments before I began designing and building stuff.

In fact, the stuff I help to design and build has made a significant improvement in the lives of many thousands of people by creating jobs and an opportunity for a higher standard of living than they would have normally had.

I have worked for major chemical companies and small design firms. My projects have ranged from major plastics facilities to biofuels plants to electronic materials to pharmaceuticals.

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