One of the ways alarmists alarm people is how they present the data.  As we know, data is (unless someone decides to “adjust” it to make their point).  However, one can take unadjusted data and present it in a way that is a call to action.  Take for example a plot of CO2 versus time:

CO2 1

That shows that something bad is happening unless we decide to act now, because just look at that increase.  Now note the range of the Y-axis.  Only 150 ppm separates the high and low points, so a change of 100 ppm represents 2/3 of the scale.  Compare the above graph to this:

CO2 2

Same data, but note the Y axis.  We can see a trend, but is appears a lot less scary.

Similarly, look at temperatures:

Temp 1

OMG! Look at the change – we are doomed.  Now put that into perspective of what we actually experience:

Temp 2

Any wonder why people deny a pause in the warming trend?  Because there is no trend to begin with.

One final observation: Compare the CO2 numbers against the temperature numbers and you can see that there appears to be almost no correlation.  Since the response has a very small change while the stimulus has increased, the correlation between CO2 and Temperature appears to be somewhat pathological.

H/T Powerline

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