Another source

with little credibility.  Given the choice, I’ll take Wikipedia.  Because neither is authoritative, but Wikipedia at least has the benefit of catching gross errors.

What got me laughing is the phrase

“Celsius is a reasonable scale that assigns freezing and boiling points of water with round numbers, zero and 100. In Fahrenheit, those are, incomprehensibly, 32 and 212.”

Because 32 is “less round” than, say, 31.9867.  Temperature scales require two reference temperatures.  It certainly helps if they are simple to reproduce and consistent.  So the freezing point of a brine and body temperature, while not ideal, are perfectly acceptable references (and they misstate what was used as the standard body temperature).

Do I wish we used SI (more specifically MKS)?  Yes (my day job has projects all over the world).  But I do not call the decision to not switch “generally dumb”.  Because it would cost a lot.  And it is not as simple as snapping your fingers and wishing it were so.


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