NDT needs

to grow up.  Yes, I know the link goes toTwitchy, but some of the counter examples are quite funny and show the absurdity of the claim.

I mean, really?  The formulation: “X is a problem.  So we must create Y to eliminate the possibility of X” is typical of the mindset of wishcasting.  You know, wish it were true and it will so be.

I see this mindset all the time in my profession when it comes to safety.  Because there is no such thing as an accident.  Ever.  People get hurt because they did not follow a policy or something was not designed properly or any other number of reasons.

There is a saying: “You can’t make an idiot-proof system because they are always making smarter idiots”.  You put interlocks on something to prevent operation, and some yahoo will eventually get frustrated with trying to figure out what is causing the interlock, so they disable the interlock.

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