2 thoughts on “Bill Nye

  1. When we were homeschooling, we always had a daily dose of Bill Nye. I’m glad he went off the air when before he went off the deep end. The moniker “The Science Guy” can only go so far, and I’m sure that none of his BS-Mech Eng. courses involved deep critical thinking.

    • Hi Aaron.

      The thing that bugs me about people like Nye is that they confuse science with policy. For GM foods, we can make the case that people have been doing GM (genetically modifications) through cross breeding for specific attributes for a very long time. For example, domestication of animals was enhanced by selective breeding/cross breeding. Similarly, plants that were resistant to diseases were favored and bred further. While natural selection would have happened, humans simply speeded up the process. Not that this has always worked out as we would have liked – look at “Africanized” honeybees as a prime example.

      It is laughable on its face that someone who proclaims to be a “Science Guy” and embraces evolution, refuses to admit that the science of GM is well settled. Humans use technology to enhance and speed up the process. I fully believe that we need rational discussions on the policy of whether GM is wise from a policy standpoint (I happen to believe it is, as it generally improves the quality of life by reducing the potential of famines).

      However, to claim that GM is bad because it is bad science is disingenuous at best, and exposes the “Science Guy” as nothing but a political hack who shrouds himself in the mantle of science.

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