But I thought “Climate Change” and “Weather”

were two different things.  Apparrently not.

But I do like the headline:

Scientists to ‘fast-track’ evidence linking extreme weather to climate change in sign of panic that they’re losing propaganda battle to the sceptics

Especially the admission that it is a propaganda battle.

And note how we are no longer “deniers”.

A few words about Ebola

Back when I started the blog, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was in its early stages.  There was little, if any, news about this in the US press.  Africa is far away and these things happen every so often, so what was the big deal?

Well, now that Ebola has arrived in the US, and the federal government has, to put it mildly, botched the response, I suppose you cannot turn on a television without hearing about Ebola.  I only suppose because I am still out of the country in east Asia, which is farther away from Africa than the US.

Anyway, the point of this post is twofold.

1) Ebola has become a political football, and I am staying out of the political angle.  This crisis is a public health issue and the US Federal government agencies in charge of public health should act accordingly.

2) The world is a big place and stuff that is not on the radar screen in the US with the latest celebrity gossip is really important.  I remember in the late 1990s reading stories about a bunch of religious kooks in a small country called Afghanistan that were implementing traditional Sharia law and blowing up statues of Buddha because they were religious idols and we just could not have that.

Ignore the news at your own peril.