This is Science

Propose a theory.  Do an experiment.  Publish resultsRebut the findings.

Note how the author in the second article explicitly states:

Hypothesis driven study is a cornerstone of science. It is not the only way to do science, but it is one of the most powerful. Hypothesis driven science can also be misused to great damage. How one properly performs hypothesis driven science is through the formation of a hypothesis, an idea that represents how you think something might work. The scientist then endeavors to *disprove* that hypothesis through any and all means available. When you fail to disprove your hypothesis, you have to consider it might be true. The dangerous, and incorrect way to perform hypothesis driven science is to form a hypothesis and then proceed to attempt to collect data to *prove what you want to believe*. This approach has resulted in not only bad science, but it has even brought countries to war.

How I wish more scientists had that attitude.