I’ll believe it’s a crisis

when they start behaving like it’s a crisis.

This is one of the true tests of sincerity, practicing what you preach.  When your actions do not match your words, you run the risk of rightfully being lableed a hypocrite.

Granted,a good portion of my job involves flying all over, hither and yon.  Because it is difficult to arrange a 1 hour videoconference, let alone a 5-day meeting, with highly technical discussions with participants in the US, China, and Euope.  Especially when one of the cultures involved likes the face-to-face and these meetings are one of the few times they are allowed out of the country.  And sometimes my trips can last weeks or months, and on those trips we need to leave the host country for a day and return to avoid violating visa restrictions.  I make no apologies, as my work results in many good-paying (at least by local standards) jobs being created and lifting people out of poverty.

So, when I see discussions on how we should avoid flying to save mother Gaia, I get suspicious, especially when the people doing the telling fly in private planes or spend more time “spreading the gospel” through travel than they do in their offices.  Not to mention some people who have electric bills approaching $20,000 per month.

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