“Be reasonable” is just another way of saying “Shut up!”

Timothy P. Carney is what I would term a “hack” writer when he writes about things he knows nothing about.  His latest affront to logic demands that:

Conservatives need to come to grips with these facts. Too many Republican politicians simply declare, “climate change is a hoax.” This is a bad habit partisans and ideologues on both sides display: If the other side proposes an undesirable policy response to a problem, just deny the existence of the problem.

While that may be true of politicians, those of us who have some knowledge of science and how the scientific method should be applied have a somewhat different opinion.

Mr. Carney seems to follow the so-called logic of the climatistas, but he is short on facts.  Rather, he does some mighty hand-waving by telling us that “We do know that greenhouse gas concentrations are rising pretty rapidly, indicating that the warming trend will continue.”

First, while we have seen some general increase in overall CO2 levels in the atmosphere during the 20th century, we have no measure as to what constitutes “rising pretty rapidly”.  One problem is that the term “pretty rapidly” is a relative measurement and is an matter of opinion – hardly what one would consider having anything to do with science.  Another problem is that if “pretty rapidly” is a relative term, how do we know it?

Then he goes on to blather that this ambiguous quantity, which is subject to feelings, really cannot be an indicator of a continuing “warming” trend that has stalled since roughly March of 1997 – some 17 years.

However, the most obnoxious thing in this published tripe is that he calls on only one side of the debate to be reasonable.  That call presupposes the side he is not chastising is indeed reasonable, and if only those evil deniers would shut up and get on board, we could begin to solve this non-existent problem.

A person who is sincere in addressing the issue would call on both sides to present their data and to have a dialogue, letting the actual data do the talking.

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