No One Expects The Climate Inquisition!

I find it both amusing and disturbing that the people who claim to be both reality-based and science-based have little grounding in either.  Their dogma prevents good science from happening if the results do not conform to their opinions of what they want the science to say.

We all remember Rosie O’Donnell’s famous quote about how 9/11 was “the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel” and became a talking point for the 9/11 conspiracy theorists.  Obviously, she was wrong, but that did not stop the questioning.

So it is with the folks who promote the whole AGW scam (there, I’ve said it).  It has been the modus operandi for the AGW promoters to attack anyone who dares to question their sacred holy of holies – than humans are a parasite on the planet and should be exterminated.

These attacks have spanned the sanctions from ad hominem attacks, to threatened jailing, to defenestration from professional societies, to lawsuits, to destroying career opportunities for anyone who questions their superior authority.

These are not reasoned disagreements, they are full on displays of thuggery.  And while they do not use physical torture to make one repent, the psychological torture is real.  How many of you would want to be shunned and ostracized from polite society simply because you were not convinced of the validity of the arguments put forth on a topic?

It has become a tenet of faith to these folks that you are either with us or against us, and our god is a jealous one who will tolerate nothing but strict obedience to his will.  So repent or die!

It seems that the enlightened ones are interested in enlightenment.

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